Why choose us?

Great design can have startling results on a business.

Our mission is to bring exceptional design to businesses that need it most. The evolving landscape of Internet Technology now means small & medium businesses can compete on a level playing field with large corporations.

Perception is everything to potential customers. We can help you inspire their confidence.

Affordable, Professional, Reliable design services. Contact 900pixels to grow your business.

Web Design

More people than ever are using Online Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find information on products and services both locally and globally. It is in the interests of your business to increase your likelihood of being found by this new generation of internet driven consumers.

Contact 900pixels to design a website for your small business, and put your business’ name in front of these potential customers.

A properly researched and executed website design is one of the most important assets to a small business.

Your website can portray a sense of professionalism and efficiency that will inspire confidence in your customers.

Having a website which is easy to use, easy to navigate, and which portrays your business as professional and modern will help maximise your return on investment.

900pixels Web Design

Good Website design encourages visitors to a desired outcome. Whether that is registering for more information, contacting your business by email or phone, or simply purchasing a product.

By employing professional commercial website design you can ensure you get good outcomes by assessing your website design in light of the following major design factors

How will you keep clients from leaving your web site?

How does your target market use the web?

What is your call to action?

How will you create a positive lasting impression or inspire a return visit?


Do It Yourself – Keeping your running costs low.

We understand small business clients don’t have the time build websites from scratch.
We also understand small businesses don’t have the funds to pay professional web developers an hourly rate whenever they need changes made to their site.

All you need to update your website is one computer with an Internet connection.

To solve these problems faced by small business we have designed our Content Management System for easy use. If you can type a letter and use a mouse, you can keep your own website up to date with ease using our Content Management System. We can provide ongoing technical support for your business website when needed and if your employees leave, we can quickly train your new employees to get up to scratch with our Content Management System.

For a demonstration of how simple and effective a content management system can be for your business, contact us.

When you contact us, ask about some of the other website marketing strategies 900pixels Design can offer:

• Search Engine Optimisation (making your website search engine-friendly) for your market.
• Paid Search Engine advertising, also known as pay-per-click advertising
• Other online marketing techniques, such as running a company blog
• Starting an e-mail mailing list
• Promoting your website offline
• Use e-mail addresses on your domain name (e.g. sales@yourbusiness.com.au)
• E-Commerce techniques to convert online ‘window shoppers’ into buyers.

900pixels are experts in building successful commercial website design for small businesses.

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