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Ebay refreshes look with new logo

September 20th, 2012

Ebay has decided to rebrand their business with their second ever logo. After 17 years with the old logo a change was probably due, but like many well known brands, the change could not be too great for fear that the online auction behemoth may lose some of its social recognition.
The new logo is a slimmer, more balanced cousin of the old logo, and follows a lot of large corporations trying to simplify their logo (think microsoft).
Ebay’s President Devin Wenig compares the logo to Ebay’s “cleaner, more contemporary and consistent experience” offered to its users. Perhaps the old logo, made up of different shaped letters squashed over each other was seen as a reference to the many varied user experiences people have buying through ebay. Nobody wants to be reminded of the risk they take paying for an item that never shows up!
The new logo reflects ebay’s focus on buyers purchasing from online retailers, with a lot more of their transactions being for new products at set prices. I think it certainly reflects this business model more than the old logo does, and so it has to be considered somewhat of a success.
The new branding will be pushed out during October, with stronger public marketing, and perhaps a major overhaul of the ebay user interface across all platforms.

Ebays old logo

Ebays New Logo

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